Do you have a small retail business? If yes, this article is for you

If you own, a small restaurant, bakery, candy shop or coffee bar, and you don’t have an online order service, you should definitely think about doing something in this direction.
Nowadays everybody is using smartphones, and spending more time in the virtual world than in the real world. We don’t know if this is bad or good, but this definitely means that they have much less time to spend in …


How much does an app cost?

Well this is a pretty vague question… It’s like asking how much does a car cost. There are some criteria in order to determine, or at least ballpark the price of a car:
Low budget car – I will do the job, but there will be a very short list of options, most of them not included in the standard price. When you will finally get the car, it will …


Is the public transport from your city high tech?

The intelligent buses and stations start to be a common thing these days. The classical buses and mobile devices are merging more and more in the busy cities. Things like USB ports and wireless internet access are a standard in the last few years, but nowadays, the stations also start to borrow some technology. They tend to have electronic displays, that show the station name, date and hour, but also …

7 apps that will make your life easier

7 APPS that will make your life easier

A recent study from Great Britain shows that we spend on average 23 days a year using our mobile phone, often not for useful stuff.
However there are apps out there that can simplify your life and value your time, which of course is one of your precious resources.
Huffington Post proposes a list with the most useful applications for the mobile phone:
Clear – When it comes to personal …

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