7 apps that will make your life easier

7 APPS that will make your life easier

A recent study from Great Britain shows that we spend on average 23 days a year using our mobile phone, often not for useful stuff.

However there are apps out there that can simplify your life and value your time, which of course is one of your precious resources.

Huffington Post proposes a list with the most useful applications for the mobile phone:

Clear – When it comes to personal assistant apps that help you organize your life, Clear is by far the most popular app in the iPhone fans group.  This app features just the basic and it is very touchscreen friendly.

Pocket – this app is a simple solution for displaying just the text and useful content from a web page. Because as you already know today’s web pages are full of banners and commercials, Pocket auto-extracts just the useful content from a website and lets you focus on what is relevant and important for you.

Evernote – the “notepad” for Android. With this app you can keep notes, audio self-recordings, camera images or task lists. These are stored online and accessible on windows, Mac and smartphones. It is meant to simply help you to keep your thought, tasks and not forget stuff.

MindNode – The perfect app for saving and organizing ideas in a visual mode that allows a bird’s eye view over a project. The user interface is well structured and allows you to focus on generating and connecting ideas on an infinite piece of virtual paper.

Mailbox – The name says it all… This app proposes a new way of organizing the emails and features the possibility to synchronize more accounts in the same time.

CloudOn – Allows the Ipad users the possibility to rename and delete the MS Office dicuments using Dropbox, and has almost the same features as Microsoft Office. CloudOn doesn’t allow you however to insert graphic files in the documents.

Checkmark – It is an improved version of the Reminders app. You can use it to add reminders based on location, and when you get in that location, you will be noticed right away with what you have to do there. If you will use this app, you should not forget anymore the things that you have to do.

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