How much does an app cost?

Well this is a pretty vague question… It’s like asking how much does a car cost. There are some criteria in order to determine, or at least ballpark the price of a car:

Low budget car – I will do the job, but there will be a very short list of options, most of them not included in the standard price. When you will finally get the car, it will not be something to make you proud and eager to show your new car to your friends, customers and partners. This kind of car will be priced in a range from 8000 eur to 15.000 eur

Average car – It’s usually a decent car, with more available options than a low budget/small car, more reliable, with better looks, but the price is tricky, it will rapidly grow as you add more and more options that seem indispensable. The final price of the car will range from 15.000 to 40.000 eur, depending mostly of the options list, but you will get something that you will be proud of for at least 1-2 years.

Luxury car – when you think about a luxury car, it usually comes with the latest technology, and all the needed features, in the form of an elegant and refined product. Everybody is aspiring to this kind of car, but in order to get it you have to pay a certain price, which is usually above 40.000 eur.

The question remains, what’s the price of an app? Well, pretty similar to a car price, and if you replace above the word “car” with the word “app”, you will get the answer 😉

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